Nearly there now!

OK, I haven’t been brave enough to post this series of pink reflections online until today. (If you want to start from the beginning of Lent, it starts here.) I think part of that is I wanted to make sure that I experienced this, and didn’t get too influenced by comments that others may make. I think I also wasn’t entirely sure that I would make it this far… and perhaps didn’t want to record any possible ‘failure’ in the seemingly simple task of giving up pink for Lent.

It’s nearly Maundy Thursday now, and I’ve nearly made it.

I have to say I’m glad that I’m now worshipping in a church tradition that has an Easter vigil on Saturday evening, so technically Easter will start on Saturday evening for me, and I can put back on some pink.

When I booked my appointment with the hairdressers for Ash Wednesday, to get rid of the pink, I also booked an appointment with them for Holy Saturday, to put the pink back in. But now I need to have a think, and work out if I need to put back on my pink hair. I’m still undecided. I don’t feel that I ‘need’ it in quite the same way that I did. However, I do rather like it – which is why I’ve had it pink for some time. Hmmm, a couple more days to decide. Perhaps I need to go and have a chat with my hairdresser (the rather fabulously named ‘Hairway to Heaven’!) and work out what I’m going to do.

I’m looking forward to the Chrism Mass tomorrow at Winchester Cathedral. One of the highlights for me is seeing all the different liturgical colour vestments – for me, it is a very visual reminder of these colours, of encountering God through these wide range of colours, and remembering that God is there throughout all these different seasons of life, seasons of the year. I’m open to see what happens over the next few days – three more days in black for me, and to see what colours I’m open to as I approach Easter Day.

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